Introduction to the Special Issue: Sometimes You Have to Bend Your Knees

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Linda Darrell, LCSW-C, Ph.D.
Micheal S. Kelly, Ph.D., LCSW


Racial Reconciliation, Racial Inequity, Healing Racial division, Racism, Christianity,


Hard conversations are needed to move our country from the racially polarized position we currently find ourselves in. This Special edition of Social Work and Christianity is the result of the courage, tenacity and faith of a group of Christian Social Work professionals who engaged in the process of difficult conversations. As you read through the introduction and the articles presented in this edition, we are sure you will be intrigued and hopefully prompted to critically think about the need to engage in your own challenging conversations as a way to begin bridging the racial divide in our country. As co-editors of this special edition, we were challenged to deeply reflect on our indiviual life experiences, recognizing our differences as well as the things we had in common. We each struggled with our beliefs as they pertained to the level of racial division within our communities, churches and professions. We were honored to review the number of articles submitted, and contemplated how we would introduce this edition. Racial Reconciliation from a Christian perspective is a process we as Christian Social Workers  must be engaged in to meet the command of our Christian faith "A new command I give you:Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another". John 13:34


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