God and Guns Faith as a Resource for Healing from a School Shooting

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Bree Alexander


school shootings, faith, religion, school violence, trauma, trauma intervention


Responses to school shootings nationwide have been varied. While prevention and intervention have been a primary focus for many public schools, healing through faith has been less communicated in the public. Many survivors and stakeholders have publicly ridiculed overtly spiritual responses to school shootings
that minimize action needed to address the issue, citing that policy change and improved safety precautions in schools are the primary ways in which change will occur. However, multiple recent suicides of individuals who experienced the effects of a school shooting, suggest that healing from trauma should also be a main priority after a school shooting. This study explores the role of faith and religion with trauma intervention in the aftermath of school shootings. The article uses
case study data to discuss the methods by which faith can be a resource for healing from trauma after school shootings.
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