Published: 2021-02-01

Introduction to Issue

Introduction: Special Issue on Faith and Resilience

Dr. Sandy Bauer, Caroline Campbell
Abstract 425 | | DOI

Page 3-4

Conceptual Articles

The Legacy Project

Dr. Gustafson, Dr. Costello, Dr. Mejico
Abstract 360 | | DOI

Page 10-27

Research Articles

Integrating Social Workers’ Christian Faith in Social Work: A National Survey

Holly K. Oxhandler, Rick Chamiec-Case, Terry Wolfer, Julianna Marraccino
Abstract 913 | | DOI

Page 52-74

Addressing LGBTQ+ Inclusion: Challenges, Faith, and Resilience in the Church and her People

Helen Harris, Dr. Yancey, Carolyn Cole, Vanessa Cressy, Najeeah Smith, Mallory Herridge, Megan Ziegler, Bridges West, Lindsey Wills
Abstract 957 | | DOI

Page 75-105

Point of View Articles

Book Reviews