Reckoning with Hate: Faithful Routes Away from the Charlottesville Rally

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Dr. Carol Grace Hurst


confederate statues, racial reconciliation, anti-racist education, Charlottesville, Virginia, community conflict resolution


Ripples of both alarm and hope regarding United States race relations, have circled out from Charlottesville, Virginia subsequent to violent demonstrations held on August 11 and 12, 2017.   This article tells less well-known stories out of Charlottesville, recounting faith groups’ prayers and vigils through the summer of 2017, and one Christian social work educator’s experience of witness with her faith community during the August 12th rally.  The article also highlights several loving and creative responses that individuals, groups, and organizations made on August 12th and in the subsequent year after the rally to assist the injured, address the trauma, and begin to rebuild a sense of safety and normalcy in the community.  The unfolding Charlottesville story offers an anti-racist case study of one community’s efforts under extreme conditions to reconcile and heal racist wounds.

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