Published: 04/11/2022

Introduction to Issue

Introduction to Special Issue

Allison M. Tan, Morgan E. Braganza
Abstract 164 | | DOI

Page 3-9

Conceptual Articles

Dismantling Structural Racism, Hate, and White Supremacy Through Course Assignments That Integrate Faith and Learning in Social Work Curriculum

Daniel A. Boamah, Sharon D. Jones-Eversley, Dana K. Harmon, A. Christson Adedoyin, Kelsey Leann Burton, Sharon Sanders, Christopher A. Jones, Brittany J. Nwachuku, Sharon E. Moore
Abstract 411 | | DOI

Page 26-47

Research Articles

Round Table Conversations on Oppression, Racism, and Religious Oppression

Dr. Joyous C. Bethel, Dr. Leonora E. Foels, Dr. Ling Dinse
Abstract 197 | | DOI

Page 67-86

Practice Articles

Book Reviews